The Band

Lead Vocals: Renee Paulik | Lead Guitar: Ray Ochoa

Drums: Rockin’ Rob Farber | Bass Guitar: Mary Farmer

Vice Versa rocks the house with modern pop, classic rock, a little country and everything in between. Dynamic vocals brought from Renee Paulik coupled with tight musicianship from Ray Ochoa on guitar, Rockin’ Rob Farber on drums and WAMI nominated bass player – Mary Farmer. Vice Versa brings outstanding live performance that is strong and holds the grooves with raw energy, invoking crowd participation.

Lead Guitar/Vocals: Ray Ochoa

With over twenty years of experience as a professional rhythm and lead guitarist, Ray plays a wide variety of genres and always makes sure the crowd is having a great time. In the early days, Ray taught basic and advanced guitar to worthy students. To this day he continues to shape the local music scene by mentoring musicians and helping them learn how to best develop their talents. One of his biggest achievements is having toured across the US as the lead guitar player for the Ozzy tribute band Mr. Crowley–also known as the Aultimate Ozzy–spanning ten plus years covering Randy Rhoads, Jake E Lee, and Tony Iomi. Ray has also played in several bands such as The Blizzard of Oz, Royal Flush, and VaudVullian. This is what he loves to do and he does it with passion.

Drums: Rockin’ Rob Farber

Rockin Rob Farber…Picked up his first set of drum sticks at 5yrs old. Having established solid fundamentals early on with school band, marching band, Jazz band Rob moved on to play with some of the areas most popular Rock band’s. Big Daddy Rad,  Dizzy Lane, Full Blown,   Iguana,  My Favorite Flannel, Reload. Rob loves to interact with the crowd and creating moments to remember. Rockin the Drums with passion and style….and of course…a big old smile.😎

Bass Guitar: Mary Farmer

WAMI Nominee Best Bass Player 2019.

Mary started playing the violin in first grade and was included in a small select group put together by a local orchestra teacher. Mary continued with violin in middle school and half way through high school. She would gather with other orchestra students before class for some non-scholastic scores such as the newest beer commercial songs from television or the radio for fun. She participated in solo ensembles annually.

Mary sang in church choir and actually didn’t begin to play the bass guitar until she was an adult. While still taking lessons, she also played some original music with her husband and a friend, moving on to cover tunes and joining her first band in 1990. Different bands over the years brought an expanded variety of music and during the 90’s she played both original and cover music all over Wisconsin. Her love of playing the bass guitar has kept her active in working bands since 1990, as well as a regular host of open jams. Mary gains great pleasure through spreading both love and appreciation for music. She feels blessed to have played with so very many different musical souls over the years and looks forward to playing with many more.

Lead Vocals and Keys: Renee Paulik

Although she’s been singing since she could speak, Renee’s involvement with structured music started with musicals and plays in elementary school and continued on through middle and high school where she was a member of choir every single year. She was classically trained in Operatic vocal stylings, was a member of Honors Choir, and received private vocal lessons through her highschool years. She was involved in competitive singing, went to state for solo ensemble four times during her educational years, and was also awarded a fully paid scholarship to attend Lakeland Music College’s music summer camp program.  Her interest in singing and music continued well after her vocational years and at the age of twenty-one she started working as a karaoke DJ at multiple venues in the Oshkosh area.  After being employed by two separate karaoke providers in the Oshkosh area, at the age of 31, she started her own karaoke business (EverBrave Entertainment) and now provides weekly entertainment at five different establishments in the city of Oshkosh. From 2016-2019 Renee provided lead vocals for a cover band that performed in the Fox valley area called The Outside Aces. She has since been very active in the Fox Valley music scene and has enjoyed the opportunity of performing/collaborating with many local musicians and bands during her almost fifteen years of involvement with the local music industry.

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